Certified Survey Technician (CST) Program

Increase your opportunities by becoming a CERTIFIED SURVEY TECHNICIAN.  A “CST” designation –

•    Provides a career ladder for technicians
•    Provides credentials to technicians
•    Provides a standard way for employers to evaluate capabilities of prospective applicants
•    Can be used as an assessment tool in conjunction with survey education programs

The Texas Society of Professional Surveyors is dedicated to offering educational opportunities and support for surveying professionals in Texas. The organization believes that building a career track for technicians is critical to the future of the surveying profession, thus TSPS has adopted the NSPS Certified Survey Technician (CST) Program as part of the TSPS Professional Development Program. The NSPS CST Program is nationally recognized and enables survey technicians and employers to evaluate and establish various levels of competency through proper testing of appropriate work elements. The CST Program is composed of four levels and two tracks. You can learn more about the details of each level in the CST Program Book. TSPS works with TSPS chapters to establish testing sites around the state. Check out the TSPS Calendar for a list of sites and dates in your area. 

Want to become a Certified Survey Technician…

1.    Review the CST Program Book and determine the certification level you wish to pursue.
2.    Select one of the TSPS testing sites & dates from the TSPS Calendar.
3.    Download and complete the application form (download in Adobe Reader)
4.    Mail the application prior to listed deadline date (three weeks prior to exam date), with the correct fee (*see below) for application through TSPS to:

TSPS Certification
2525 Wallingwood Drive, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78746

Missed the three-week deadline? Mail your application at least two weeks prior to exam date, with the correct fee (*see below) for application through NSPS (listed in CST Program Book) to:

NSPS CST Program
Attn: Sara Maggi
5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q
Frederick, MD 21704

5.  Start Studying!

Want your chapter to offer or host the Certified Survey Technician exam? Become a Proctor…

1.    Check out the Certified Survey Technician Paper Exam Proctor Packet
2.    Select a date, time and location. Your information will be added to the TSPS Events calendar and the list of testing sites.
3.    Complete the NSPS Proctor Form. Send the original to:

NSPS CST Program
Attn: Sara Maggi
5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q
Frederick, MD  21704

and send a copy to:

TSPS Certification Program
2525 Wallingwood Drive, Suite 300
Austin, Texas  78746

Exam Fee Table
Certified Survey Technician (CST) Program Exam...

Fees apply to ALL EXAM LEVELS:

Member of TSPS*** App fee $40, Exam fee $140, Total $180
NON-member App fee $50, Exam fee $150, Total $200